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My Parttime Pro is a marketplace for virtual job seekers looking for their perfect homebased jobs. We offer workplace flexibility as part of the company culture and recruiting process. Jobs posted in the platform include part-time, flexible schedule, freelance, hybrid, and remote jobs in consulting, administrative, bookkeeping and many more.

Job Offers

Executive Assistant  

Maintain executive’s appointments, take calls, plan and schedule meetings, conferences, and travel.  Notify executive officers for changes in plans, dates, and places of meetings. Take note of meeting agendas and minute meetings. Email management and organization responding on the client’s behalf.

Virtual Assistant

Set appointment, organize calendar, and set reminders for meetings and conferences. Type documents, manage spreadsheets, and send emails, including following up through phone.  Assist regularly with administrative tasks.


Require skills in bookkeeping and background in accounting. Must have experience managing bills, receipts, and invoices on a regular basis. Must be responsive, customer-focused, great communicators, team players and able to multi-task.

Landing Your First Online Job

Land your first part time job and start earning extra income right in the comfort of your own home. Let’s get you started with some tips:

Test your technology

Before any interview, check your camera, microphone, and computer to ensure a smooth-sailing application. Be ready with your software such as Google Hangouts, Teams, or Zoom. Prepare at least a day before your interview and avoid any technical issues once you face the clients.

A non-functional or obsolete technology can sometimes be downturn for most clients. Even during virtual interviews, the adage “first impression is the last” still holds true. Take note that you are not the only one vying for the position. Since you are competing with many other applicants, you must do your best to shine.

Dress Appropriately

Even when you are joining a virtual interview, it still requires proper decorum. Don’t face the camera with your sleepwear on. At least, look decent and wear proper attire to create a good impression. Business casual is always the safest go-to outfit for interviews.

Prepare in Advance

Look through the internet for possible interview questions that might get asked of you for the position you are applying. Do research regarding the essential software and websites that will be involved later when you do the job. Even without prior experience, you can ace a virtual part-time job when you handle your interview well and become more knowledgeable of what you will be doing.

Focus On the Interview

It’s easy to get tempted to use your phone or open social media browsers on your laptop during a virtual interview. However, you shouldn’t do this. Interviewing via video or phone limits the ability to communicate with body language, which mea

Because interviewing via video or phone limits the ability to communicate with body language, it is important to utilize body language in a clear, professional way. For example, if you get a question that is unexpected, make sure to stay poised and take a moment to collect your thoughts.

How Does a Part-Time Job Work?

Part-time work is the best job you can take if you want some extra income. When working part-time, you can choose your preferred schedule to take on new jobs.  

Extra Time to Pursue Something Else

An average person sleeps for 8 hours a day. When working full time, you probably have just 10 hours of free time, 2 hours of which go with family, friends, or leisure. But what if you have more extra hours in a day that you can use to grab a part-time job and earn extra income? If you stay at home, you could use this opportunity to be with your kids while earning from home. 

Gateway to advanced opportunities 

Part-time jobs have the potential to lead to great things. Choosing your niche well can land you a full-time job later on. It’s up to you whether you take the opportunity to elevate your experience. Plus, many part-time workers were given opportunities to travel given the skills and talent they have for the job.

Less Stress, Better Flexibility

With a part-time job, you are your boss. No travel time is required. Business clothing becomes optional. It is very flexible and less stressful. And the best perk of all is that you can take care more of your health. 

You develop time-management skills.

If you feel stuck in your 9-5 schedule, doing a part-time job will break that routine. Working from home gives you more flexibility in time. If you find great opportunities, your part-time job could soon become a full-time job.

It helps you earn more money

If you’re great with time management, you can use your part-time to earn more money. A 20-hour per week gig could help you save money, which you can use for the rainy days. So what are you waiting for? This platform could be for you.

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